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Music Survey Results

We took a survey for the new in-class Music Program. Here’s what you shared with us!

  1. IF you attended a concert, what did you think of it?
    • 63 responses, overwhelmingly positive, ranging from good to outstanding to wonderful to awesome! Only a few comments about it being too short, too crowded, too many classes at once. We are responding to your feedback, and next year’s concerts will be done by each grade separately!
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6. Anything you or your student would recommend to improve the music program for next year? Sample of responses to get a general idea:

  • I would love for the kids to learn to play some instruments
  • Keep Ms. Lopez, please!
  • Better song choices for upper grades, along with more instrumental options.
  • Maybe learn some song by artist they know or ones that are major musically influences.
  • Song choices too childish for upper grades.
  • Not repeat songs from year to year.
  • Including a real pianist instead of a recording.
  • Longer songs.
  • I would like music for more of the school year.
  • I would have loved to know what songs they were learning.

Community School of Music and Arts, which provides us with Ms. Lopez has been given all your feedback, and we will be adding 2 more weeks of music instruction and making adjustments according to your feedback.

Overall, your feedback is much higher than for our previous music program. And the feedback from teachers is even higher!

Thank you for your participation in the survey, and for supporting in-class Music for all our kids.

WGEPTA Music Liaison