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Roles & Responsibilities

Volunteers are welcome at all levels, from working in your child’s classroom or a PTA event to running large fundraising programs and serving on the board. If someone is currently holding a position you are interested in, please let them know you’d like to shadow them to take over when their term is up! Read on to find out more about the responsibilities of various positions.

Board Positions

The following are elected officers and members of the executive board.

The President is one of the three required PTA officers.  The purpose of this role is to lead the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members. The primary duties of the President are:

  • Distribute state and national PTA materials with the appropriate officers and chairmen.
  • Review all written materials produced by PTA (e.g., newsletters, fliers, website postings or notices) to ensure the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies.
  • Prepare a master calendar that includes executive board meetings, association meetings, PTA special events, and president/principal meetings.
  • Prepare agendas and run monthly general PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.
  • Act as a delegate to the California State PTA Convention.
  • Act as a liaison between the school administration and parents.

Executive Vice President

  • Perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that officer to act.
  • Works as the primary aide to the President.
  • Helps lead the PTA toward specific goals.
  • Carries out other duties as assigned.
  • Manages academic enrichment programs, such as Schmahl Science and music.

VP of Communications
The purpose of this role is to help PTA members and the general public to understand that the PTA is a positive, relevant, inclusive, influential volunteer-powered association working for the well-being of every child. The primary duties are:

  • Coordinate content, print and mail the summer mailing.
  • Manage and coordinate all communications roles, including website positions, Facebook page and Marquee Coordinator.
  • Serve as the key coordinator for the Konstella communications app.
  • Support the volunteer coordinator and event/program leads in communicating about volunteer openings and other event needs.
  • Manage facility rentals through the district’s app, Facilitron.
  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.

The Recording Secretary is one of the three required PTA officers. The primary duties of the secretary are below:

  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.
  • Organize daycare providers for monthly PTA meetings.
  • Accurately record and prepare the minutes of all PTA meetings and board meetings.
  • Prepare listing of all unfinished business for use by the President.
  • Notify PTA officers of their elections and PTA volunteers of their appointments.
  • Order paper for the PTA to use for various publications and events.
  • Post PTA monthly meeting banners on campus the week before a meeting.
  • Have the Secretary’s Binder on hand for reference at each meeting. Included is a copy of the bylaws, copies of agendas, minutes of previous meetings, list of all committees, and a copy of the membership list.
    Special skills: Good typing and comfortable with MS Word.

Financial Secretary
The primary duties of the Financial Secretary are as follows:

  • Deposit all monies received in the PTA bank account, and post them to QuickBooks.
  • Give a copy of the deposit slip attached to an itemized deposit record to the Treasurer.
  • Help event leads manage cash boxes for events including verification of cash received.
  • Keep an accurate record of all receipts and payment authorizations for the Treasurer’s financial records.
  • Prepare all payment authorizations as approved by the executive board or the PTA. Forward authorizations to the President and Recording Secretary for signatures.
  • Review Treasurer’s bank reconciliations.
  • Work with the Treasurer to reconcile the PayPal account monthly.
  • Assist with preparation for semi-annual audits completed by the PTA Auditor.
  • Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the Financial Secretary by the President or Treasurer.
  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.

The Treasurer is one of the three required PTA officers. The primary duties of the Treasurer are:

  • Keep accurate financial records of all PTA gross income, receipts and disbursements using QuickBooks. Complete all journal entries required to accurately reflect the financial position of the PTA.
  • Prepare the budget for review by the Board and adoption by the membership.
  • Reconcile bank and PayPal statements monthly.
  • Write checks for all PTA sponsored reimbursements and bills.
  • Initiate Paypal transfers.
  • Maintain continuous and direct communication with the President regarding finances. Advise board members, volunteer leads and event chairs of the status of the treasury and their individual budgets.
  • Help enforce policy of cash handling procedures of all fundraising events with assistance from the Financial Secretary and event chairs.
  • Secure two signatures on all checks.
  • Prepare financial reports for monthly PTA meetings.
  • Assist with preparation for semi-annual audits completed by the PTA Auditor.
  • Remit to San Jose Unified Council and San Jose Unified Council PTA required reports, payments and dues.
  • Enforce Risk Management Compliance, coordinate with insurance broker when necessary.
  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.
  • Prepare annual financial report.
  • Coordinate filing of 990 tax return with outside tax professional.
    Special skills: Knowledge of QuickBooks and Excel helpful.

The primary duties of the Auditor are:

  • Audit the books and financial records of the PTA semi-annually.
  • Prepare for a mid-year and year-end audit in the months stipulated in the bylaws.
  • Prepare and present a written report to the executive board by the date stipulated in the bylaws.
  • Prepare and present a written report for adoption by the PTA in the month stipulated in the bylaws.
  • The outgoing Auditor is responsible for conducting the audit at close of term.
  • Audit the books upon resignation of the Treasurer or Financial Secretary or at any time deemed necessary by the executive board.
  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.
    Special Skills: Good with numbers, accurate.
    More info on auditor position available here.

The primary duties are:

  • Captures, assembles and preserves record of activities and achievements of the PTA.
  • Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events.
  • Completes and submits the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA.
  • Fills out Historian Summary Report and files copies.
  • Displays or presents brief overview of PTA year at meeting near the end of the school year.

A parliamentarian can assist the president when questions of procedure arise. Parliamentary law is an orderly set of rules for conducting meetings of organized groups for the purpose of accomplishing their goals fairly. Responsibilities are:

  • Attends PTA monthly meetings and board meetings and gives advice on parliamentary procedures and PTA bylaws.
  • Assist the presiding officer by keeping track of the order of those wishing to speak, motions, amendments, voting, etc., during meetings.
  • Chair the bylaws committee and help make revisions to the bylaws as necessary.
  • Calls the first meeting of the nominating committee to order after helping to form the nominating committee.
  • Conduct trainings as needed for parents in parliamentary procedure.
  • Ensure each member of the executive board has a current copy of the unit’s bylaws and standing rules.
    More info is located at the CA State PTA website

Membership Chair
The Membership Chair along with the entire board and the President are partners in guiding, directing and developing an effective membership campaign. The primary duties of the Membership Chair are:

  • Establish PTA membership plans for fall school enrollment and dates for the membership drive with President and board approval.
  • Promote PTA membership at school and community events.
  • Update/prepare membership materials for distribution at the beginning of the new school year for school events and meetings.
  • Coordinate record-keeping as needed with the Treasurer and Financial Secretary.
  • Create and distribute membership cards.
  • Report on membership statistics at monthly PTA meetings.
  • Complete remittance form for Council dues for members to the San Jose Unified Council and then submit the form to the Treasurer for payment for payments not made through the Totem system.
  • Attend PTA meetings and PTA board meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator oversees the activities of the school volunteers and represents them on the PTA executive board. Some of the duties include:

  • Recruit volunteers for room parents and all docent programs and events at the school.
  • Organize a Volunteer Orientation Night at the beginning of school and orient the volunteers in school facilities and procedures.
  • Manage a database for all volunteers.
  • Provide volunteers’ identification badges.
  • Publicize volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide input in the recruitment of next year’s PTA and volunteer positions to the nominating committee.

President Emeritus

This is not an elected position. It is a one-year term following presidency. As a past president, this role provides guidance to the current PTA President. The goal is to stay involved but not be in charge.

Treasurer Emeritus

This is not an elected position. It is a one-year term following being Treasurer. As a past Treasurer, this role provides guidance to the current PTA Treasurer. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition to the new Treasurer.


Facebook Communications

  • Promote/communicate PTA related activities and news on Facebook.
  • Examples include: notification of upcoming meetings; photos from events (with required permissions) such as Harvest Festival and Tree Lighting; school schedule changes, etc.
  • Moderate content and comments to keep a positive tone and in line with district guidelines for appropriate content.

Marquee Coordinator

  • Post school and PTA related announcements on the marquee located on the Minnesota side of the office.
  • Update as events pass.

Website Administrator

  • Responsible for maintaining PTA web pages framework.
  • Train all editors to maintain, post, edit and keep website areas up-to-date.
  • Answer editors’ questions and fill in editing when needed.


All event leads are to follow Event Guidelines. In addition, their responsibilities include the following.
Ice Cream Social
This event usually happens in the early evening, during the second or third week of school. It’s designed as a welcome back activity where parents, students and teachers can get reacquainted after the summer break. Responsibilities include:

  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella and Facebook (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Order ice cream or treats and supplies.
  • Coordinate teachers and parents to scoop/serve.
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help with set-up and cleanup.
  • Communicate with T-shirt sales lead to sell WGE merchandise.
  • Work with after-school program coordinator in the school office to make sure we have enough tables on hand for their use during the event.

Science Fair/Family Fun Night Coordinator

  • Order trifold boards for science fair projects.
  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella and Facebook (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Distribute tri-fold boards.
  • Obtain facility use permit from the district.
  • Organize fun science projects for families to do during the Family Fun Night.
  • Set up the cafeteria with Science Fair projects organized by teacher.
  • Secure/coordinate outside vendors, such as Schmahl and Mad Science, to provide family-friendly science activities.
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help with set-up and cleanup.

Harvest Festival
This evening event happens in the fall, usually right before Halloween, in the quad and cafeteria. It’s an opportunity for adults and students to celebrate the fall season with music, games and activities. And it’s a chance for the children to wear their Halloween costumes. Responsibilities include:

  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella and Facebook (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help with set-up, cleanup and games.
  • Secure/coordinate outside vendors for food.
  • Coordinate music/entertainment.
  • Organize booths for games, crafts and food.
  • Organize Books for Treats table.
  • Coordinate decorations.

Kinder Welcome Party
This event is an opportunity for incoming kinder parents and students to get to know each other and learn more about the school and the PTA. Responsibilities include:

  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella and Facebook (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help with set-up and cleanup.
  • Coordinate food.
  • Ensure PTA representatives are on hand to welcome guests and recruit volunteers.

Kinder Park Days
These park play days happen in late summer, before school begins. They’re an opportunity for incoming parents and students to get to know each other. Responsibilities include:

  • Pick and promote the dates.
  • May choose to coordinate snacks, distribute flyers, gather email addresses for PTA e-list.
  • Coordinate with PTA representatives to be on hand to welcome parents and possibly provide info about volunteer needs.

Parent-Child Events

These events are a great time for parents/caregivers to connect with their children. We alternate; one year we will have father-son and mother daughter events, and the next we will have father-daughter and mother-son.

  • Determine a theme for the activity.
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help with set-up and cleanup.
  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella and Facebook (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Organize snacks and decorations.

Staff Appreciation Week
This is a weeklong celebration of our fabulous WGE teachers and administrators. The main activity is a meal for the staff one day of the week. Other responsibilities include:

  • Work with the PTA communications team to promote teacher appreciation activities throughout the week. Examples include: student-written letters and pictures for the teachers, small treats, etc.
  • Organize volunteers to provide food items.

Talent Show
This evening activity is an opportunity for WGE students to show off their talent. Responsibilities include:

  • Secure a location and relevant permissions/services – bathrooms, janitorial, etc.
  • Promote the dates and key information for tryouts, practice session and the event.
  • Organizing support staff such as lighting, sound and backstage volunteers.
  • Hosting “try outs” and practice sessions.
  • Setup and cleanup.


Annual Giving Chair

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Develop Annual Giving campaign goals and objectives.
  • Develop Annual Giving campaign donation solicitation letters.
  • Publicize the campaign via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings
  • Send acknowledgements to donors
  • Oversee collection and accounting of Annual Giving donations
  • Promote and coordinate the Corporate Matching program.
  • Reconcile donations received back to financial records in QuickBooks.
  • Track PayPal initiated Annual Giving contributions.
  • Coordinate with Financial Secretary on deposit information and tracking.
  • Coordinate with Treasurer on reporting needs from QuickBooks as needed.
  • Update PTA website Annual Giving page
  • Attend and present Annual Giving goals and results as needed  PTA meetings.

Hours are heavier in the Fall (August through October, about 3-10 hours a week). In November, work tapers way off, 1-2 hours a month.

Art to Remember Coordinator

Students create art work which is transferred to greeting cards and other gift items. Parents can buy the cards and a portion of the money comes back to the PTA — enough to fund all art supplies for the year. They’re great for holiday gifts, thank you cards, etc.

  • Coordinate schedule and requirements with outside vendor.
  • Coordinate art work with classroom art docents.
  • Send art work to vendor.
  • Coordinate parent notification, ordering and delivery.

Auction/Dinner Planning Team

  • Determine theme, date, location for the event.
  • Invite parents and staff to participate in a silent auction and dinner/party.
  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Organize a committee or committees to plan the dinner and the auction. Teams might include: decorating, dinner, auction, donation coordination, ticket sales, etc.
  • Work with the local business community and WGE parents to gather donations and organize the auction format.
  • Plan the dinner/party.
  • Combine auction items into baskets and bundles.
  • Choose and implement auction software.
  • Coordinate with PTA Treasurer and Financial Secretary to make sure accounting is handled correctly.

Box Tops Coordinator

  • Publicize Box Tops instructions/timeline via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Coordinate the gathering of Box Tops/Campbell Soup Labels from WGE parents.
  • Calculate class winners for prizes.
  • Mail box tops to vendor.
  • Make sure check gets deposited.

Grant Proposal Writer

  • Find grants
  • Apply for them.

Scholastic Book Fair

This activity usually happens in December and overlaps with the Tree Lighting.

  • Coordinate book delivery with Scholastic.
  • Organize parents to help display books in the library.
  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Coordinate with PTA Financial Secretary to get cash, collect, count and deposit money.
  • Organize parents to work shifts during the Book Fair – some are during the day and some in the evening.
  • Close fair by sending remaining books back to Scholastic.
  • Work with Financial Secretary to send summary report to Scholastic and coordinate accounting.

Tree Lighting

This family and community-friendly evening event happens right after Thanksgiving. It’s a night of music performances, activity booths and food.

  • Organize a committee to help – decorations, food, booths, entertainment, etc.
  • Publicize the event via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Get necessary permits through the district.
  • Coordinate cash boxes and money counting with Financial Secretary.


This fundraiser is specifically for the WGE students. It happens during the school day.

  • Determine a day and theme, coordinate with school office since this happens during school.
  • Choose and set up accounting software.
  • Distribute pledge information and publicize the event via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Coordinate with PTA Financial Secretary to count and deposit pledges not made online.
  • Purchase prizes and giveaways.
  • Promote the event at Friday flag salute – encourage children to get pledges by announcing prizes.
  • Organize music, water, snacks, etc. for during the Walkathon.
  • Organize lap counters, if needed.
  • After the Walkathon, hand out final prizes.

Affiliate Chair Responsibilities

  • Research and respond to solicitations for joining affiliate programs.
    • General guidelines: over $1,000 in income, or PTA passion
    • Use email address
  • Report suggestions for new affiliate programs to PTA President to report to the board.
  • Present board-approved affiliate programs at general PTA meetings.
  • Build awareness of ongoing affiliate programs at PTA meetings.
  • Respond to questions regarding affiliate programs from PTA members in person and via email address.
  • Create or edit flyers for affiliate programs.
  • Let web editor know any changes that need to be made to the fundraisers – shopping pages on
  • Post encouragement and how to use affiliate programs periodically on Konstella.

Willow Glen 5k

5K Coordinator
This 5K run/walk is the largest PTA fundraiser. A small committee is recommended. This event happens on the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day. Planning starts months in advance. This person/team needs to be very good at delegating.

Recruit and manage the following types of positions:

  • Registration coordinator – before the race, morning of, packet assembly and pick up.
  • Race-Day coordinator
  • Sponsorship coordinators
  • Marketing and community relations – involves graphic design, web/facebook, printed materials and swag, relationships with city.
  • Festival Director – managing the kids area and the quad
  • Volunteers – recruiting both adults & students.
  • Finance
  • Graphic designer for logos

Enrichment Programs

Project Cornerstone Coordinator
The Project Cornerstone Coordinator is in charge of the ABC program. This program uses literacy opportunities to share concepts of student-to-student respect, how to be a good friend, what to do if bullied and more. Some of the duties include:

  • Recruit volunteers to be ABC parents for each classroom.
  • Work with Project Cornerstone to train volunteers.
  • Conduct a monthly ABC Parent pre-lesson (optional).
  • Maintain the ABC cabinet and ABC Yahoo Group.
  • Submit monthly Reading Log to Project Cornerstone.

Los Dichos Coordinator

The Los Dichos Coordinator has the same responsibilities as the ABC Coordinator, but for the TWBI program in grades K – 2. Volunteer docents for the Los Dichos program need to be bilingual or Spanish speakers.

ABC and Los Dichos Docents: Monthly

  • You will need to be trained on the 41 Developmental Assets, upon which the ABC Program is based. This program is run through the YMCA/Project Cornerstone. They have an online application ( you need to fill out. Training may take place at the YMCA or at WGE.
  • Uses literacy opportunities to share concepts of student-to-student respect, how to be a good friend, what to do if bullied, etc.
  • Docents do this by reading encouraging books and conducting an active discussion afterwards.
  • This takes 30-60 minutes once a month, reading eight books total.
  • This program is important in creating an environment of respect.
  • A monthly training is available for each lesson (optional).
  • Monthly lessons, tips, links, etc. are available on the Project Cornerstone website.

Art Coordinator(s)

This position coordinates volunteers to teach art in the classrooms.

  • Request a volunteer for each class.
  • Make sure volunteers know about binders with lesson suggestions.
  • Manage art closet supplies.
  • Organize student art for display in the spring art show.

Art Docents: Monthly

  • Art docents present an art lesson with a short lecture and hands-on project.
  • No previous art knowledge is needed to lead the lessons.
  • Docents will help the Art Coordinator gather artwork for the spring art show.

Band Coordinator

  • Creating or editing documents, spreadsheets, student roll lists.
  • Coordinating concert dates and approving concert programs.
  • Corresponding with parents via email re: all band matters.
  • Liaison with band director and California School of Music and Art.
  • Copying, filing and distributing music.
  • Purchasing band supplies.
  • Tracking band budgets.
  • Coordinate with band instrument rental volunteer.
  • Help band director with communications with parents.
  • Coordinate fundraising bake sales at concerts.
  • Decorate and set up/tear down for concerts.
  • Organize volunteers for morning band classes.

Band Instrument Rentals

  • Keep database of instruments up to date.
  • Check instruments out to students wanting to rent them (mostly August – October) and check them in (May).
  • Keep instruments in good working order (bring to repair shop as needed throughout the year and over the summer).
  • Keep instrument closet clean and organized.

Campus Beautification

This works great as a team since there are two campus clean ups each year and weekly Lost & Found organization. The clean ups usually happen before school starts/during winter break and then again in the spring, or as needed.

For the campus clean ups:

  • Determine what needs to be accomplished.
  • Determine date(s).
  • Ask for volunteers.
  • Organize volunteers and delegate tasks.
  • Make sure volunteers have brooms, dustpans and any other tools needed for the clean up.
  • Coordinate with Garden Coordinator on the clean ups.

For Lost & Found:

  • Lost & Found racks are outside the cafeteria under the eaves.
  • Weekly, or as needed, hang Lost & Found items, empty out lost lunch bags and water bottles and place in bins.
  • After each flag salute, take Lost & Found items to a local donation center (Thrift Box or Good will, for ex.)

Games Closet

  • Make sure the games closet is well stocked and organized.
  • Solicit requests from students for games and sports equipment and check with Student Council and PTA for filling requests.
  • Organize volunteers to manage games closet during lunch M, T, W & F.

Garden Coordinator
The Garden Coordinator is the go-to person for the garden space. Some of the duties include:

  • Train garden docents about how the garden is organized.
  • Make sure garden irrigation is working properly.
  • Maintain the compost pile.
  • Maintain kinder planters.
  • Recruit volunteers for classrooms.

Garden Docents

  • Our goal is to have each student work/learn in the garden throughout the year.
  • Garden times can vary from regular classroom monthly visits to recess visits.
  • There are many lessons and garden links available on the WGE Garden Yahoo Group.

Library Coordinator

  • Work with school librarian to find out her needs.
  • Help recruit volunteers to shelve books, re-alphabetize books, keep library clean and organized, and whatever else the librarian needs.

Opera Coordinator

  • Procure instructor (s)
  • Apply to Opera A la Carte for grants
  • Remain in contact with OALC personnel to check status
  • Coordinate performance dates with OALC personnel and office staff
  • Coordinate rehearsal dates with instructor and office staff
  • Apply for piano tuning grant
  • Handle all OALC materials, copy libretto, music, CDs
  • Recruit opera participants (create posters, fliers, etc.)
  • Create database of participants and supply teacher with attendance sheet
  • Coordinate extra rehearsals
  • Order risers, extra supplies, etc.

Schmahl Science Coordinator

  • Negotiate contract with Schmahl Science.
  • Work with principal and Schmahl Science to figure out general scheduling requirements and location of science workshops on campus.
  • Work with each grade level to coordinate appropriate science workshops and detailed schedules.
  • Work as intermediary between teachers and Schmahl for any schedule changes.
  • Collect feedback from teachers and parents and relay to Schmahl.

Other Volunteer Positions

Hicklebees Author Organizer

  • Work with Hickelbees to see what authors are coming to town.
  • Check with office for cafeteria and grade level availability.
  • Coordinate with Hicklebees and/or Author’s representatives to schedule author appearances and book signings.
  • Create, get approved and translated, copy and distribute Author appearance and/or autographed book purchase flyers.

Holiday Elf Giving

  • Publicize the program via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Collect Elf Giving donations turned into the office.
  • Collect donations and submit with cash verification sheets.
  • Track all donations on a Google spreadsheet and reconcile with Financial Secretary’s Quickbooks numbers.
  • Coordinate with office to find out how many families are in need and purchase gift cards to be distributed.

Kinder Tours

  • Coordinate with the office for Kinder Tours. Get dates, classrooms to visit, etc. Make sure the office is collecting registrations via Google spreadsheet.
  • Find out which staff members will be present, and for which part of tours. Principal, Assistant Principal, TWBI coordinator.
  • Check with Daycare to coordinate a visit to their room.
  • Update information to be sent to attendees. The Sunday before each tour, email the documents to all attendees for the upcoming tour.
  • Have folders, a sign in sheet and staff business cards to hand out at tours.
  • Schedule tour guides and helpers.

New Family Welcoming

  • Provide a welcome packet with resources for families starting after the beginning of the year. (School calendar of events, staff list, school information/directory and map, uniform and supplies request form, PTA & volunteer sign-up information, as well as local resources if they are new to the area.)
  • Pair the new family with a current WGE family buddy and/or student buddy from their class to help them transition and feel welcome.
  • Welcome the student(s) over the intercom/or newsletter so that the other students are aware of making them feel welcome.
  • Give a mini-tour of the school and a who’s who presentation of the school staff.

Safety Coordinator

  • Encourage participation in the annual creation and/or review of the school’s Safety and Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Plans and share the plans with the membership and the community.
  • Offer to assist school in replenishing supplies in classroom Emergency Kits.
  • Establish an ongoing working relationship with the school district and safety agencies within the community (i.e., local branches of the National Safe Kids Coalition and the National Safe Routes to School Partnership, local law enforcement and government agencies).  Help coordinate and promote the fall Walk to School Day with WGNA.
  • Sponsor parent education safety awareness programs (could be simple messages/signs about bike helmets, avoiding jaywalking).
  • Become familiar with the school district’s and school site’s state-mandated disaster preparedness program. Is it up-to-date, adequate and enforced?
  • Keep informed about safety legislation in local, state and federal government and update PTA about important issues.

T-shirt Design Contest

  • Toward the end of the year, publicize the contest via flyers, Konstella, Facebook and PTA meetings (work with the VP-Communications if you need help)
  • Copy and distribute the flyers to the 5th graders.
  • Collect all design entries and post them in the library.
  • Notify all teachers of the dates designs will be posted for voting.
  • Collect and tally all votes.
  • Announce the winner at flag salute, and pass the winning design along to the person coordinating T-shirt printing/sales.

T-shirt Sales

  • Keep inventory on all merchandise: T-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, reusable grocery totes, etc.
  • Order T-shirts at beginning of year for current Tiger design.
  • Keep WG wear in stock.
  • Organize sales of merchandise online, at Class List Posting, Kinder Welcome, Ice Cream Social, before and after school during the first week, and at any other event you choose.
  • Ensure cash verification forms are turned in correctly and all funds are dropped in the PTA safe.

Yearbook Coordinator(s)

  • Collect photos throughout the year.
  • Collect baby photos from 5th graders.
  • Upload photos to yearbook website (currently use
  • Make yearbook design decisions.
  • Collect money for yearbooks and submit with Cash Verification sheets.
  • Track all yearbook sales on a Google spreadsheet and reconcile with Financial Secretary’s Quickbooks numbers.
  • Order and distribute yearbooks.